Hi! I'm Rebecca Applebee.

Congratulations on your upcoming birth! What an exciting time this is, I'm so happy to be a part of it.

When my son was born I knew very little about what a Doula did or the benefits of having one. I was lucky enough to have my husband care for me during labor. He did an amazing job and I know it would have been so much harder without his support and encouragement. I love being able to tell people that I had a WONDERFUL birth!

After hearing many women's birth stories and realizing that many of them had less than wonderful experiences, I decided to learn how I could help change that. I started my Doula training with Birth Arts International soon after.

I believe that giving birth is a life changing event and that every woman has the right to make the choices that work best for her. As your Doula I'm here to educate you on your options and aid in making your birth experience a positive one. I encourage you to trust your intuition when it comes to making choices about where and how to give birth. I WILL SUPPORT YOU!

I consider my role as Doula an honor and I promise to serve you and your family to the best of my ability.